Realize Your Dream and Buy a Gammill Quilting Machine!

Selecting the right person to guide you through the process of purchasing your Gammill is essential. You want an individual that knows the product and knows it from a users perspective. Heartbeat Quilting owner Wanda Jeffries has owned and operated Gammill longarms for over 20 years. For peace of mind, contact Wanda today to see which Gammill solution is the right one for you. You can find a brief overview of each machine below.

You are welcome to stop in the studio during business hours to see our machines in action. If you would like a detailed discussion, we recommend you fill out the form below to set up a time to come in and speak with Wanda. Once we receive your message, we will send you more information about the Gammill longarm quilting machines, warranty and financing. Wanda will then reach out to you to guide you to your Gammill.

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Computer-Guided Quilting  - Statler by Gammill

The art of quilting using specialized software and a computer controlled longarm machine. Computer-guided quilters enjoy precision quilting at its best. Layout of an entire quilt is much easier with the use of the computer.
  • A favorite among professional quilters.
  • Offers precision and control providing the most accurate quilting experience.
  • Allows the quilter to plan the entire quilt at once helping with layout plans.
  • Least physically demanding form of longarm quilting.
  • Easy to learn with vast amount of available patterns that can be executed flawlessly.
  • Allows the quilter to duplicate projects

Hand-Guided Quilting - Vision 2.0 by Gammill

The art of moving a quilting machine head to quilt. Hand-guided quilters enjoy an open view of the entire quilting row. Often preferred due to the similarity to drawing while the frame holds the quilt securely while quilting.
  • A favorite among custom quilters.
  • Offers assistance supporting the quilt in a frame for more accurate quilting.
  • Allows the quilter to view a large portion of the quilt at a time.
  • Requires endurance to stand and quilt.
  • Moving the head offers a familiar drawing like motion for quilting.
  • Micro and fill work can be completed quickly with great accuracy.
  • The versatility an extended throat plate opens up many technique and design options

Free-Motion Quilting - The Charm by Gammill

The art of moving a quilt under the needle. This method provides the most versatility in techniques and mediums. Quilters can quilt in all directions unlimited by the boundaries of a frame. If you are a free motion quilter, The Charm by Gammill can be special ordered.