Angela Walters in Spokane

14th Apr 2019

As our final class with Angela begins and our whirlwind of a weekend winds down, we reflect on the amazing ladies and gentlemen who crossed our paths and made this weekend happen.

First & foremost, of course, the magical force herself! We are honored to have hosted the very talented and vivacious Angela Walters. Truly one of a kind and able to make each person she meets feel just as special and unique as she is!

We wanted to say thanks to Treasure, Naomi and the rest of the staff at The Quilting Bee without whom Friday‚Äôs domestic classes may not have happened. We also want to thank Ellie and the staff of Beacon Hill Events and Catering and Barrister Winery for their assistance and hospitality in the trunk show.

Last but not least, thanks goes out to Hobbs Bonded Fibers and Fil-Tec thread for providing prizes for our guests for the trunk show, as well as for our students from all three days! Winners have all been contacted and are announced at the end of this email.

And don't think we've forgot all of you who attended both the classes and the trunk show. Truly an enthusiastic bunch! We can't wait to see what you make with your newfound skills and quilt-itude!! Check out photos from the weekend below! And, if you are interested in hearing the music from the trunk show, follow this link here. It could just be the confidence booster you need for your next quilting session!

And, always remember lesson number one in "Embracing Your Imperfections:" there is never any reason to point out your mistakes to others. Which is also an excellent life lesson, too! Remember that you are talented and beautiful and your quilts and your quilting style are just as unique as you are!

CLASS Photos         TRUNK SHOW Photos

Trunk Show Winners
Susan P. won our Living The Thread Life T-Shirt
Kate S. won a King size package of Hobbs Tuscany Supreme Cotton Batting
Donna P. won a board of Hobbs Tuscany Polyester Batting
Diane T. won "The Main Ingredients" King Glide thread collection from Fil-Tec
Angela R. won "The Perfect Blend" King Glide thread collection from Fil-Tec
Karla H. won the complete 7-piece set of Angela Walters' rulers
and Lyn A. won the Gift Box from The Quilting Bee!

Hands-On Class Student Winners
Peggy H. won the "Full Spread" Mini Glide thread collection from Fil-Tec
Vicki D. won "The Main Ingredients" Magna-Glide collection from Fil-Tec
Shari C. won "The Perfect Blend" Magna-Glide collection from Fil-Tec
and Cheryl C. won a Roll of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Quilt Batting!