How to Square Backing

21st Jan 2019

  1. Fold the backing fabric in half.
    1. Fold it in half again, the other direction. This finds the center of your backing.
    2. If there are very noticeably "extra" pieces/lengths, do not include then as part of your halving.
  2. Place the edge that needs squared (also the same edge that will have the zippers pinned on to) on your cutting side.
  3. Line up the fabric with the grid on your cutting mat to get a base line.
  4. Place your ruler on the grid and look through the uneven layers to see how far back you need to cut.
    1. ***Be aware of how much extra fabric you have before cutting. We don't want to cut too much off where it won't be enough extra needed for the longarm machine.
  5. Take your rotary cutter and cut the straight line.
  6. Your backing is now squared and ready for the zippers to be pinned on.