PreWound Bobbins are Catching On!

8th Feb 2019

While there’s nothing wrong with winding your own bobbins, when you have to stop in the middle of your sewing project or quilting design to change a bobbin, it can be a frustrating inconvenience. Not only will prewound bobbins save you time, they’re expertly wound by high-tech machines, providing a smooth and uniform wind throughout. This means you’ll get more thread on the bobbin than a self-wound bobbin. Prewound bobbins also reduce inconsistent thread tension and stitch balance.

A customer from Marysville, WA says she caught onto this time and money saving convenience 15 years ago, while others are just starting. We have also heard that some even say their machines actually run quieter.

Studies show that prewound bobbins will pay for themselves due to fewer bobbin changes, increased production, and higher quality sewing stitches. If you’re not sure which prewound bobbin you need for your sewing machine and quilting project, just contact us at Heartbeat quilting...we’re here to ensure your sewing success! You can also view our bobbin compatibility chart to find your size.

We carry M-style and L-style prewound bobbins in many colors and brands, even magnetic ones!