What is Drape and Loft?

12th Feb 2019

Drape refers to the stiffness or softness of your finished quilt. While thicker batting may contribute to your quilt’s weight or loft, it won’t necessarily make it stiffer. The more quilting stitches your quilt calls for, however, the stiffer it will be. 

Loft is a reference to the thickness of quilt batting. Low-loft refers to a thinner batting, while high-loft is indicative of a thicker batting. With high-loft battings, quilting lines are more evident, giving the quilt a puffier look and feel. If you want to highlight your piecing skills, you might want to go with a low-loft batting for a flatter finish.

Low-loft batting is generally easier to handle and stitch. A medium-loft batting will add more texture (puffiness) and warmth to your quilt, but the higher loft will be harder to machine and hand quilt. High-loft batting gives you a puffy look and is often the batting of choice for tied quilts.

If you’re not sure which batting to use, ask us or download our Batting Comparison sheets!