Previously Owned


Are you looking to sell your own machine? Send us an email with up to three (3) photos, description, price, location and the best phone number to reach you and we will send you an invoice. We charge a small fee of $15 for three (3) months. When we receive your your payment, we will post your ad and confirm your listing. Providing photos and a detailed description of your machine will increase interest and is strongly encouraged. When we receive an inquiry on your machine, we will forward the message directly to you and you take it from there! Simply let us know when the machine is no longer available for sale, whether the buyer came from our website or not, and we'll take it down. At the end of your first three months, we will contact you to renew your listing for a payment of $15 for another three (3) months. Happy Selling!


Are you in the market for a used longarm or midarm quilting machine or frame? Please email us to inquire more about or make an offer on any of the machines listed below. Be sure to include the reference number so we can forward your message to the right person. The form to do this will be in the detailed view of each machine.