10 foot Bernini Quilting Frame by Grace Company - Medical Lake, WA - REF#096

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10 foot Bernini Quilting Frame by Grace Company (5 foot setup shown); Intended for use with your machine; sewing machine not included
Details about Machine:
  • Purchased 8 years ago 
  • 12” throat which accommodates the rolled up portion of the quilt that has already been quilted
  • The carriage that the machine rests on is 11” by 17”
  • Carriage rests on rollers that allows you to quilt in all directions (free-motion freidnly)
  • Four roller bars are for quilt top, batting and backing.
  • The cloth leaders attach to the rollers using adhesive hook and loop; the leaders attach to the quilt and backing.
  • A clamp-on work light is included along with a 16 page assembly manual
  • Three cloth leaders
  • Clamp on work light,
  • Laser light for pantograph use
  • Stitch regulator controls the speed of your stitching and plugs into your machine. It attaches to the handles on the carriage so you can operate it with your thumb.
Notes from Owner:
I have taken it apart three or four times to shorten it and/or move it to another room.  You only need a open end wrench and two sizes of Allen wrenches (included) to assemble and break down.  The frame can be set up for a smaller quilt and measures 66”x 36” in this configuration.  The king size configuration measures 126” x 36”.   I found YouTube videos very helpful when I was first learning how to use the frame.  

Please be sure to use Reference #096 when inquiring about this machine.

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