Legacy 100% Siliconized Polyester Quilt Batting

$43.00 - $103.00
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This 100% Polyester Batting is made from siliconized polyester for softness. It is bonded to prevent bearding [aka fiber migration to the surface] and will not shrink. Polyester does not breathe like many natural fibers and therefore makes a very warm bed covering as it traps body warmth. 

Polyester batting is exceptional for hand quilting and light fabrics which offers great definition to stitches. The fabric is lightweight but provides warmth, comfort, and durability.

  • 100% Bonded Polyester
  • Loft 1/4"
  • Shrinkage 0-2%
  • Stitch Distance 4" apart max
  • Washable by hand or machine
  • Dry cleanable
  • Lightweight but will hold its shape and thickness
  • Ideal for hand quilting and great for crib projects

We regularly carry:

PB-96 = Board - 96" x 9 yds
PR-96 = Roll - 96" x 30 yds
PR-120 = Roll - 120" x 30 yds

Warranty Information

You may call in to request samples of any of our battings. Please contact us immediately to report any product quality concerns. Be sure to hang on to the original product packaging. You'll want to preserve any label that has bar codes, dates, numbers, etc. Some may be hard to find.