Legacy Natural 80/20 Unbleached Cotton/Polyester Blend Quilt Batting

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Legacy Natural Blend Batting is a soft, durable and substantial batting created for quilters who want cotton with the added benefit of wash-ability and good stitch definition. It is made of 80% ultra Clean Cotton and 20% Polyester. It has an expected shrinkage of 3-5%. It has a soft loft, creating less resistance when hand quilted and a soft, quilted finished look. Hand, machine, and longarm quilters all love this blend.

  • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
  • Loft 1/16"
  • Shrinkage 3-5%
  • Washable by hand or machine
  • Dry cleanable
  • Quilts well by hand or machine

Natural Blend with NO SCRIM batting creates the perfect balance of natural cotton with the added loft of polyster fibers. Provides definition to stitches and is soft yet durable.

  • Stitch Distance 4" apart max
  • Needlepunched and thermal bonded
  • Great for wall quilts and diverse creative projects

Natural Blend WITH SCRIM batting is the perfect mix of softness and durability. Needlepunched to a lightweight scrim binder for strength without stiffness.

  • Stitch Distance 8-10" apart max
  • Great for large quilts and longarmers
  • Needlepunched with scrim for support

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Warranty Information

You may call in to request samples of any of our battings. Please contact us immediately to report any product quality concerns. Be sure to hang on to the original product packaging. You'll want to preserve any label that has bar codes, dates, numbers, etc. Some may be hard to find.