Customer Drop-Off Form

We are Still Open for Curbside Drop-Off!

We are open for business, but realize everyone will have a different comfort level during our current situation. As a result, we are still offering curbside drop-off. We ask that you print and fill out our Customer Workorder Form to the best of your ability (please add any notes or specific instructions/ideas you may have regarding your quilt). Once we have received your quilt, we will review the information and be in contact with you for questions.

Dropping Your Quilt Off

The components of a quilt include: Top + Batting + Backing.  

If you do not have Batting and/or Backing, please peruse the selections on our website and notate on your form! 

  1. Secure COMPLETED Customer Workorder Form on top of quilt (you may do this by using a pin or safety pin)
  2. Place quilt inside a CLEAR/WHITE Plastic Bag with form visible
  3. Drop off during Open Business Hours OR...
  4. Utilize our curbside drop off OR...
  5. Mail your quilt top to us!

Filling Out The Form

Communication is essential for a great finished product so the more information you provide the better! When filling out the Customer Workorder Form we ask that you write and print legibly. Make sure your FIRST & LAST NAME as well as PHONE NUMBER are on the form. If you are unsure of what thread color, design, what type of batting, etc. you are wanting, simply write "Quilter's Choice". Our Quilter's will select a thread color, pattern, etc. that will best compliment your quilt. Don't worry about not knowing the specific pattern names; on the form write the style of pattern you are wanting (EX: floral, swirls, modern, curves, geometric, stars, feathers, traditional, patriotic, etc.). Maybe you're working with a budget and are trying to stay within a price range. Our rates are determined by the density and complexity of the quilting. Your actual quilt measurements are used to calculate your quilting price. Visit our site for pricing and more information

At this moment, our turnaround time for quilts is averaging between 5-6 weeks for Allover/Edge-to-Edge quilting and up to one month for Custom Quilting. If you have a specific DUE DATE for your quilt, please notate in the Additional Notes/Comments section. Do not hesitate to call for questions and/or information. Thank you for your support and business! We look forward to seeing you soon!