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"I keep a cutsie little notebook (the ones we never know what to do with, 'cus they are too small) next to the machine, to jot down notes on thread … combos such as King Tut and Masterpiece, what the tension feels like, how each does on top and bottom.  It’s been a godsend when I do jobs with more infrequently used threads.  My favorite all around?  So Fine, by Superior…" ~ Adrienne

"It’s tough to know what quilt each family member would like best. This year I made 10 quilts (ok, ok - some tops were already done in years past). By Christmas I was able to hand 10 family members a number – then as their number was drawn – they could choose their favorite quilt to take home. The only person dissatisfied was my young (6 yr old) great nephew – wondering why his mom and dad got a quilt and he didn’t. With this type of interest – he’s first on my list for the next time – and NO it’s not going to be another 10 quilts next year." ~ KB

"I love my grandmother’s embroidery – scarves, dishtowels, and pillow cases. Rather than hide them in a drawer – I’ve found creative ways to incorporate them into my quilts. I’ve even added in some of my own hand embroidery." ~ MG
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