18" Magnetic Belly Bar

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Magnetic Bar-Belly


Stabilize your quilt without pins!  Magnetic Bar holds all layers in place - it's a wonder we lived without this tool.  Get 2 for small quilts, 3 for queen size, and 4 for king size projects. Machine must have steel roller. They are 18" long and about 1" wide. They provide about 9.4 pounds of magnetic pull, but do have a handy spot for your fingers which makes releasing them (from the machine... or from each other) a breeze. Remember to take them off before you roll or advance your quilts or they could break upon hitting hard floors.

Our customer Danielle from Elk, WA uses these Magnetic Belly Bars when she floats a quilt on her longarm.  She says, “When I have to finagle a quilt to minimize the slightly imperfect quilt tops the Magnetic Belly Bar works great.  It saves time – not fighting with imperfections – no pinning!”  

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