Hobbs Heirloom Premium 100% Cotton Needlepunched Quilt Batting

Hobbs Bonded Fibers

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Heirloom® NATURAL Premium 100% Cotton Batting is designed for quilters that want a beautiful quilt with a flat, traditional look. This non-allergenic natural product provides exceptional softness and is ideal for either fine hand or machine quilters. Heirloom® Natural is made with the finest cotton available. It is very clean, unbleached long staple virgin cotton and proudly displays the Cotton Incorporated Seal. It is a thin flat batting that resists bunching or shifting. Soft and gentle, 100% natural cotton batting is perfect for quilts. It becomes softer after each washing. Natural cotton should be used with medium or dark fabrics. If used with light colored fabrics, unbleached cotton can slightly darken light colors. You may experience shrinkage of 3-5% and it may be quilted up to 4” apart. Add scrim for extra strength and a greater stitch distance!

Heirloom® BLEACHED with Scrim Premium 100% is designed for quilters seeking extra strength in cotton batting for white or light colored quilts. Soft and gentle, this batting is perfect for quilts when low loft is desired. It becomes softer after each washing. This easy to handle batting is made with high grade bleached cotton combined with a very thin scrim (stabilizer) needle punched into the batting fibers. This scrim provides superior strength over cotton alone, and prevents the batting from stretching and distorting. The fiber used to create this batting is a very clean, bleached long staple virgin cotton and proudly displays the Cotton Incorporated seal. Bleached with Scrim is highly recommended for white or very light colored quilts. The bleached cotton fibers provide a very white batting that will not cause a shadow effect on the colors of a light quilt top. You may experience shrinkage of 3-5% and it may be quilted up to 8” apart.

  • Type: Needlepunched
  • Approx. Loft: 1/8"+
  • Shrinkage: 3-5%
  • Distance Between Stitches: 4"
  • Hand Quilting: Good, Test With Fabric
  • Machine Quilting: Excellent
  • Dark Fabrics: Excellent
  • Light Fabrics: Good, Test With Fabric
  • Pre-Wash: Not Recommended
  • * For optimal results always test with your fabric

We recommend that the quilt maker spend some time learning about this product before using it on a major project. Make samples using this batting to see how it launders and how it needles, both by hand and by machine, so that you can obtain the look you want in your final project.

ALL Hobbs Bonded Fibers Batting have a specific label or packaging that indicates: the date it was made, warehouse it was manufactured in, type of fiber(s), the ship date, etc. We encourage you to keep the label or packaging so that if there are any flaws or defects with the batting you can call Hobbs Customer Service Department (254) 741-0040 and they can assist you.

We regularly carry:

HBSBY-96 = Roll - 96" x 30 yds
HNBY-96 = Roll - 96" x 30 yds
PK-HNS-120 = Package - King 120" x 120"
HNSBY-120 = Roll - 120" x 30 yds
HNSBY-96 = Roll - 96" x 30 yds

Warranty Information

You may call in to request samples of any of our battings. Please contact us immediately to report any product quality concerns. Be sure to hang on to the original product packaging. You'll want to preserve any label that has bar codes, dates, numbers, etc. Some may be hard to find.