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It is already more than sixty years since Swarovski’s relationship with Christian Dior gave the world the celebrated Aurora Borealis effect. In 1956, Manfred, son of founder Daniel Swarovski, began working with Christian Dior on a new crystal that encapsulated Dior’s creative vision. Aurora Borealis (AB) became its name, and the rest was history. He came up with a micro-thin layer of vaporized blue metal, with which he coated crystals’ lower facets. The result was an explosion of translucent, rainbow-hued, refracted light with an otherworldly feel that recalled the Northern Lights.

Hotfix Flat Back Crystals are loose crystal elements with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. These Flat Backs can be easily applied using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect. When cooling, the glue hardens and securely and permanently fixes the elements in place. The Hotfix crystals are therefore quick and easy to fix onto the fabric. The Swarovski Hotfix adhesive is characterized by its wash resistance and easy-care properties.

Swarovski has been able to achieve various special surface effects by using special chemical and mechanical processes on the surface of the crystals. All crystals have silver foiling, which is the mirror coating on the reverse side of the crystals.

Each bag contains 144 crystals.

2038 XILION Rose Hotfix with Silver Foiling

Available Sizes: 10ss (2.75mm)

The basic round shape of the Xilion Rose has received a major upgrade thanks to the exceptionally brilliant Xilion cut. The simplicity of the outline, in combination with the intricate faceting and resulting sparkle, makes for unlimited design possibilities across almost all segments, including fashion, accessories, and interiors. With a range of sizes and over 80 colors and effects, there is a variant to suit every requirement. Furthermore, Hotfix makes application particularly easy.

2078 XIRIUS Rose Hotfix with Silver Foiling

Available Sizes: 12ss (3.10mm), 16ss (3.90mm), or 20ss (4.70mm)

Considering the basic shape and characteristics of crystal roses, it was only a matter of time until this variant was added to the popular Xirius family. The exceptionally brilliant cut, with its increased faceting and incredible precision, accentuates the Xirius Rose's round shape, making it suitable for any style. Use it as a backdrop to give bold sparkle to your designs, as a focal point in patterns, or as an eye-catching standalone. The Xirius Rose will add a special touch of glamour to any piece.


Learn about the machines, tools and aids which can be used for Hotfix application in our Crystal Class, led by Karen Mathison, owner of Crystal Delight, or watch the videos below to get started now.

You will learn detailed information to all process steps such as:

  • How to check suitability of a carrier material.
  • The proper preparation for the Hotfix process.
  • The Hotfix application process itself.
  • How to find the proper parameters (application side, application time, temperature and pressure) for each crystal product.
  • How to wash and take care of textiles embellished with Swarovski crystals.


  • Cleaning
    • To protect the crystals as much as possible, turn item inside out, if possible, and insert into a soft wash bag, regardless of approved method below.
      • Home Machine Wash - Choose a gentle wash cycle and use mild laundry detergent. 
      • Gentle Dry-Clean using perchlorethylene or hydrocarbon.
      • Gentle Professional wet cleaning. 
    • Do not use chlorine bleach!
  • Drying
    • Turn inside out and dry at reduced temperature.
  • Ironing
    • Iron inside out using a silk/polyester/ viscose setting, and using a pressing cloth is recommended.

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