Grip-Lite Side Clamps - Set of 2

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Grip-Lite Side Clamps


The Grip-Lite Side Clamp is one of the most widely used side clamps!

Tired of heavy, hard-to-squeeze and use side clamps for your Longarm / Midarm quilting machine? Or clamps that grip and pull on only an inch or two of the quilt thereby distorting the side of the quilt? No more! The Grip-LiteTM side clamps are super lightweight providing a secure 6-inch grip and easily opened with one hand! Each clamp comes with 6 feet of double-sided VelcroTM and a short elastic strip for fast attachment to any frame. 

The Grip-Lite Side Clamp is the perfect solution for keeping your quilts securely mounted on your quilting machine!

Not included is the velcro to attach to your machine frame.

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