Longarm Centering Tape Measuring Tape

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Longarm Centering Tap
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  • 14' Fiberglass reinforced tape for dimensional accuracy.
  • Attaches securely to frames, tables and other large work surfaces.
  • Frees your hands for easy set-up.
  • Adjustable markers help you maintain accurate measurements from beginning to end. 

The LongArm Centering Tape suspends securely over your entire work area, leaving your hands free for positioning and pinning your quilt materials. The tape itself is fiberglass reinforced to assure accurate measuring and dimensional stability for long-lasting use. The 12 sliding markers act as a guide for consistent measurements from beginning to end. Hook & loop strips (2 sets included) can be used to hold the tape in position on frames up to 14 feet wide. For versatility, use the binder clamps (two included) to hold ends of tape in position on a variety of frame or table sizes.

1. Thread markers onto tape as shown. Pinch end of tape for easy threading.
2. Align center of tape with center mark on your leader cloth. Slide markers straight along the tape, and position at your preference for spacing.

Fastening Options:
Hook & Loop Strips (for all frame sizes)
1. For shorter frames: Wrap tape around both sides of your frame. Sew or staple hook & loop strips to both ends of tape, so opposite parts of strips meet beyond your work surface.
2. For 14' frames: Sew or staple hook or loop strip to underside of both tape ends, and fasten to loop or hook strips already on your frame.
3. Loosen hook & loop strips and pull tape tight until it suspends over your work surface. Recheck centering and adjust if necessary.

Binder Clamps (for frames less than 14')
1. Wrap tape around both sides of your frame, and clamp tape parts together.
2. Release binder clamps slightly, pull both ends of tape tight until it suspends over your work surface. Recheck centering and adjust if necessary.

Hint: Use C-clamps to hold tape at a table edge or other work surface.

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