Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotions

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Lavishly thick, fragrant cream made with glycerin. Absorbs quickly and is never greasy. Mild enough for your face. Contains no mineral oil, petroleum or animal products.

Made locally in Spokane, Washington. 

    • Bare Bar - No fragrance, no color; just a soothing, pure white soap perfect for babies or those with sensitive skin.
    • Fir Needle (w/ Clary Sage & Orange) - Fir needle essential oil combined with spruce, clary sage and orange give this pale green soap the subtle scent of deep woods.
    • Fragrance-Free - No fragrance for those who are sensitive to smells.
    • Gardener’s Bar - This useful soap is made with green sea clay to help smooth rough hands and finely ground loofah to help “get the grime out.”
    • Grapefruit Mango - An old favorite returns! Tangy grapefruit tempered with a touch of mango for sweetness.
    • Grime Buster (for Working Hands) - Pumice combined with ground walnut shell and bentonite clay to make this scrubby grease-busting bar perfect for mechanics and working hands of all sorts.
    • Hemp & Comfrey - Greencastle's favorite oils; patchouli, sandalwood, nag champa and others blended to create this Flashback in a bar.  Additional hemp seed oil makes this an excellent soap for very dry skin and the fragrance will take you back to the ’60’s. Peace, love and lather, baby!
    • Huckleberry - A Pacific Northwest specialty! One whiff of this flashy purple bar and you’re back in the berry patch. Avoid bears
    • Lavender - Just what it says…in a lovely pale purple bar.
    • Lemongrass - Greencastle's most popular soaps! Fragrant lemongrass essential oil is mildly antiseptic, with a scent that lifts the spirit.
    • Licorice Swirl - White soap with a beautiful black swirl, drenched in pure anise oil. Yum!
    • Lilac - Lovely purple/pink soap with a long-lasting lilac fragrance.
    • Nag Champa - Exactly like the incense we all know and love in a pretty caramel colored bar.
    • Oatmeal Clove - This outstanding combination of clove oil, a mild antiseptic, and finely ground oatmeal, makes this an excellent bar for all skin types. May help with eczema.
    • Patchouli Lavender - Nirvana in a bar of soap. A superb blend of two favorite oils and skin soothing oatmeal. A Greencastle best seller.
    • Peppermint - Cooling peppermint oil in our rich cream base. Wonderful before bed on a warm summer night; fabulous on feet.
    • Sage & Cedar - Clary sage, lime and cedar oil blend together in this white bar speckled with sage leaves.
    • Simply Oatmeal - Greencastle's ever-popular oatmeal soap with no fragrance or color. A scrubby, yet skin softening bar.
    • Spearmint - Refreshing, cool and clean. This minty green bar will wake you up in the morning. 
    • Vanilla Creme - Rich brown soap with a comforting vanilla scent. 
    • Vanilla Sandalwood - Exotic sandalwood and warm vanilla combine to make this comforting brown bar.

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