Hang It Dang It Adjustable Quilt Hanging System

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The only self-leveling quilt hanger on the market! Hang It Dang It makes it easy to hang your quilt straight and level with no tools required. Slide the adjustable hanger rod into a sleeve sewn on the back of your quilt. The ABS clip snaps onto the hanger rod in the center, then hang your quilt. It will automatically hang straight and level. This hanger supports up to 40 pounds and will not damage any quilt. Allows one person to hang almost any quilt by themselves. This hanger is adjustable and is made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum for superior durability. Made in USA.

This self-leveling hanging system only requires a sleeve, one person and one minute. It comes in three sizes, adjustable for any quilt from 21″ up to 110″ wide, can hold up to 40 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty. Stop in the store to see a demo or watch the video below!

“…Hang It Dang It is the perfect wall hanging system for me.  I started with 1 Hang It Dang It and it worked so well that now I have 6 Hang It Dang Its at my home – I could be on a commercial for this product!“ - Penny W.

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