O-Ring - Encoder - Set of 4

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Encoder O-Ring
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The Encoder O Ring tells your computer where the machine is and how fast it is moving, and ultimately determines stitch length.

Many times the cause of skipped stitches can be traced back to encoder o-rings that are old.  They will last up to 5 years but in a high-sunlight environment they have been known to disintegrate in just 10 months. Replace the encoder o-ring once per year to avoid reduced stitch regulator performance due to drying out or cracking.   

If the machine only skips on “regulate” but the manual speed mode the stitching looks fine, it could be the encoder o-rings.  It is recommended to put on a new pair during each tune-up.

Approx. 1" diameter.  Fits both horizontal and vertical encoder.  Sold individually.

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