Red-E-Edge Longarm Quilting Machine Side Clamps

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Light weight side clamps that hold securely and evenly. These clamps are loved by longarm quilters because they hold the whole edge of the quilt steady and secure. Remember when choosing your length to allow enough wiggle room for you to move the machine over the edges to change the bobbin.

At first these clamps may be a little tough to open, but that will ease with use. They work best on straight fabric edges. These clamps will require replacement with usage and can break easily when not properly used. For example, they must be removed before rolling or advancing your quilts - not doing so can result in breakage. Replacements are available. Please watch the videos below for proper usage tips. 

Sets sold as a pair. Replacements are a single clamp without the elastic. 

Warranty Information

Please visit our Shipping & Returns page for our Return/Refund policy. This item does not have any additional warranties. Be sure to hang on to the original product packaging.

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