RENTER 126" Zipper Set - Please see descriptions below for help with choosing your set

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Renter Set 126"
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Fast, easy and economical.  The Quick Zip System is a simplified quilt loading system for longarm and shortarm machines or hand quilting frames. This system will save wear and tear on your leaders and allow you to prepare your quilts in the comfort of your favorite chair!  Just zip on when you are ready to quilt! The detailed instruction manual with digital color photos will guide you through the installation, pinning, loading and simple techniques to "float" and square the quilts.

Includes 2 male zipper halves that attach to to the backing of one quilt. Pin or sew baste to your backing to prepare for renting at Heartbeat Quilting. These zippers have been marked for our machines as detailed during our rental class. You can use this zipper set when using the Float Loading Style.