OMNI-V Sample Color Cards - Variegated Poly-wrapped Poly Core Machine Quilting Thread

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OMNI-V Sample Color Card

40 wt. 2-ply (Tex 30) variegated poly-wrapped poly core thread. Designed for quilting. OMNI-V is a beautiful, variegated polyester thread we have designed for quilting. Gorgeous color combinations, low lint, and a subtle matte finish makes OMNI-V an excellent quilting thread. OMNI-V is made from the same fiber composition as OMNI, but is dyed in variegated (multi) colors with a one inch color change. OMNI-V is available on 2,000 yd. cones in over 70 color blends.

Recommended Needle and Tension Settings
Home Machines: Topstitch #90/14. Set tension to 4.0-5.0
Longarm Machines: #18 (MR 4.0)

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# Name
9002 French Pastry
9003 Harlequin
9004 Baby Benjamin
9005 Sweet Potato
9006 Laguna
9007 Rolling Hills
9009 Amazon Jungle
9010 Multigrain
9011 Philodendron
9012 Mystic
9014 Shoreline
9015 Bazaar
9016 Almost Night
9017 Ladybug
9018 Cayenne
9019 Lydia
9020 Coyote
9021 Serendipity
9022 Wrangler
9023 Silver Reel
9024 Fairy Floss
9025 Grand Piano
9027 Mariachi Band
9028 Caspian Sea
9029 Fresh Green
9030 Raspberry Parfait
9031 Taffy
9032 Ole
9033 Star Spangled
9034 Silent Night
9035 Byzantine
9036 Palomino
9039 Rhododendron
9041 Berry Smoothie
9043 Glow Stick
9044 Zumba
9045 Red Hot
9046 Prom Night
9050 Holly Berry
9051 Santa Fe Trail
9052 Sandy Beach
9053 Smoky Mountains
9054 Verdant
9055 Summer Days
9056 Rugged Ravine
9057 Purple Majesty
9058 Mt. Timpanogos
9059 Havasu
9060 Galaxy
9061 Skyscraper
9062 Pebble Beach
9063 Iceberg
9064 Fresh Lime
9067 Victoria
9068 Circus
9072 Bumbleberry
9073 Ice Blue
9074 Red Robin
9075 Paisley Purple
9077 Malibu
9078 Camo
9081 Chocolate Pudding
9086 Zenith
9121 Tempest Blue
9130 Leo the Lion
9135 Would Chuck Wood
9136 Meteorite
9138 Silver Mist
9144 Ottoman
9145 Nebuchadnezzar
9146 Parakeet
9149 Chenille
9150 Mix and Mingle
9159 Irish Spring

Warranty Information

As the screen is different on every device, we cannot guarantee the colors you see match the colors of the actual thread. It is recommended you purchase a color card to keep at home for more accurate color matching if you can't make it in to our studio. Please contact us immediately to report any product quality concerns. Be sure to hang on to the original product packaging. You'll want to preserve any label that has bar codes, dates, numbers, etc. Some may be hard to find.