About Us

Hi there! My name is Wanda Jeffries. I began quilting on a Gammill Long-arm machine 20 years ago. Along with the partnership of my mother (Bev Freeman), I started a business in the basement of her house with one machine and found that it was the perfect outlet for my artistic talents.

After mom’s passing, I continued to eagerly seek out new quilting techniques and master them one by one. When you drop by the store, take some time to browse some of my award winning quilts on display.

Eventually I added a second Gammill long-arm and set up business in a small 700 sq ft Studio and trained an apprentice to use it. But once again it was time to grow! I purchased Heartbeat Quilting in 2007 and have since added three more Gammills, including 2 with Statlers (computerized machines).

My philosophy is to provide high quality products with budget friendly prices, fast shipping and awesome customer service. Our prices are as close to Wholesale as you will find anywhere! Of course, not all of our customers are long-arm quilters and we have plenty of savings to pass along to the home sewer as well!

Exceptional customer service is our goal here, whether it's for our Quilt Toppers or rental customers, we want to be the best in the business.

I am a Gammill Sales Representative dedicated to using my expertise to guide new customers through the long-arm process, offering knowledgeable advice and genuine customer care to help them get the best possible value from their new purchases and rentals, while enhancing their quilting experience.