Batting Comparisons

We have all the information you need to make an informed batting choice for each and every quilt and recipient! Below are some brief descriptions of each batting material, then scroll to the bottom to download comparison charts for even more details about all of the batting we carry in our store. Further details include color and size options, loft, shrinkage, maximum stitch distance, and more!

COTTON/POLY BLENDS have good drape and breathability. They are available in a variety of low to medium lofts and and also resist bearding. They are great for machine quilters and are easy for beginning hand quilters. Avoid shrinkage by not pre-washing.

100% COTTON is great for an old-fashioned, puckered appearance after washing. Perfect for machine quilting or experienced hand quilters. Has great drape, breathability and resists bearding. It is NOT recommended to pre-wash as it frequently shrinks. May have seeds and plant residue that can release oils and stain fabric.

Available in a variety of lofts,  POLYESTER is resilient and lightweight. It is suitable for both hand and machine quilting. It cannot be harmed by moths or mildew, but does lack breathability. Pre-washing is not necessary, as shrinkage on most polyester is slim to none.

WOOL is a natural insulator and is typically preshrunk.The resiliency of the fibers from different animals enhance the quilting stitches. While wool is soft and drapable, it may have inconsistent loft.

BAMBOO is soft, silky, eco-friendly and lightweight. It typically has a thin scrim and is naturally anti-microbial. While ideal for machine quilting, selection is still quite limited.

SILK provides luxurious body and drape. It is lightweight and typically does not shrink. While it works good for both hand and machine quilting, it is damaged by exposure to direct sunlight.

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