Longarm Machine Side Clamps

29th Jul 2019

Longarm Side ClampsYou Ask, We Answer! A customer recently asked our opinion on the longarm side clamps we offer.  We carry a few after-market clamps that are alternative options to side c … read more

Angela Walters in Spokane

14th Apr 2019

As our final class with Angela begins and our whirlwind of a weekend winds down, we reflect on the amazing ladies and gentlemen who crossed our paths and made this weekend happen. First & foremos … read more

Creating & Maintaining Your Online Account

25th Feb 2019

ead below for more help with your online account.* You are welcome to reach out to us for any additional assistance. Instructions are included below for: Creating an Account Signing in t … read more

Thread Comparison Sheet

20th Feb 2019

We have all the information you need to make an informed thread choice for each and every quilt and recipient! Below is a link to download a comparison chart for details about all of the thread we … read more