How to Add to Backing for a Longarm Quilter

23rd Jan 2019

So, you have your quilt top done and you've already cut your backing to the same size of your quilt top. Now, you're ready to bring it to your longarm professional and they ask you to add more fabr … read more

How to Use a Pantograph

23rd Jan 2019

(If you have taken our rental class, please ask us how you can get a printed version of these instructions.)1. Choose pantograph If you’re just beginning, look for patterns that don’t have any sha … read more

Machine Quilting Skills Progress Tracker

23rd Jan 2019

We find it can be easier to see results when we are progressing in our skills if we keep track! Fields include date, start & end times, dimensions, thread colors, designs, and more! This will hopef … read more

How to Pull Up the Bobbin Thread

21st Jan 2019

Starting Stitches Hold top thread and take one stitch with left black button. Pull the bobbin thread so the loose end of both threads are on top of your quilt. Hold onto top and bottom t … read more