Customer Quilt Drop-Off Form

8th May 2020

Dropping Your Quilt OffThe components of a quilt include: Top + Batting + Backing.  If you do not have Batting and/or Backing, please peruse the selections on our website and notat … read more

JumpStart Renter Service

4th May 2020

If you drop off your top, back and batting no less than 72 hours prior to your rental time, we will have it ready for you to go upon your arrival. Please expect to spend 10-15 minutes while we ve … read more

Studio Pantograph Library and Instructions

4th May 2020

Below are the pantographs that are available for our longarm renters to use in studio free of charge. Beginning renters may find better success by choosing a simpler, less angular design. As you're … read more

Bobbin Compatibility List

1st May 2020

View the Bobbin Compatibility List below to ensure you’re choosing the right bobbin size for your machine. We carry quality bronze M-style bobbins for re-use. We also carry a few dif … read more