Thread Tension Tips

21st Jan 2019

"I keep a cutsie little notebook (the ones we never know what to do with, 'cus they are too small) next to the machine, to jot down notes on thread … combos such as King Tut and Masterpiece, what t … read more

How to Pin Zippers to Backing Fabric

21st Jan 2019

If your backing is already cut to the size of the quilt top, visit the website tutorial for “ How to Add to Backing for a Longarm Quilter ”. First, you need to be sure your backing is … read more

How To Prepare a Quilt for a Longarm Quilter

21st Jan 2019

Piecing Tips If you pre-wash one fabric, be sure to pre-wash all fabrics in your quilt, including all top and backing fabric, and remember to account for shrinkage when purchasing. We recommend 6% … read more