Cancellations & Time Scheduled

What if I need to cancel my time or I arrive early/late?

Our Longarm Rental User Policy states:

  • Minimum rental = 2 hours. User understands that rental time begins at scheduled start time and ends when the quilt is removed from the machine. Users are encouraged to arrive before scheduled rental time to prepare bobbins or conduct other prep work.
  • 2 hour Cancellation Fee will apply for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled time.

It is courteous to other renters to schedule appointments when you are certain they can be kept. There are times where you are unable to make the appointment due to being sick, getting a flat tire, being called into work, etc. However, if the time has been reserved, but not utilized by the person who reserved it, it is nearly impossible for us to fill that rental space on such short notice, which is why appointments canceled less than 24 hours prior to the start of the appointment are charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 2 rental hours. Please email and/or call and leave a message if it is after business hours.

Year-round, but especially during our busier times, we prefer that appointments are only booked when they can be kept. We try to reserve cancellations for emergencies only, because it's quite difficult for us to fill cancelled time last minute.

Our busy times include leading up to Graduation, WSQ Quilt Show, and Christmas.

If you arrive early to your appointment and there is no one on the machine, you may start your time early and we will notate the exact time you zip on. However, if you arrive late, we will start your rental time at the time you were scheduled (Example: scheduled time is 9:15am but arrives at 9:30am, rental time marked and starts at 9:15am).

How much time should I schedule?

As stated in the user policy, we have a 2 hour minimum and your rental time begins at your scheduled start time and ends when you zip off. Please reference the chart below for roughly how much time it will take to finish a quilt. The amount of time it takes to finish a quilt will differ based upon your skill level (beginner vs advanced), size of quilt, and quilting design. 

If you scheduled 2 hours for quilting but only used 1.5 hours, you will be charged for the full 2 hours (as stated in user policy). For scheduling more than a minimum appointment, we charge by the quarter hour after the 2 hours have passed. We ask our renters to try and guesstimate their quilting time as close to the amount of hours needed as possible - especially during our busier times of year. If you schedule an appointment that is 5 hours or more and you finish 15-30 minutes early, you will be charged for the time quilted (ex: scheduled 5 hours, used 4.5 hours, charged 4.5 hours). If you schedule a 5 hour or more appointment and finish 45+ minutes early, you will be charged for the FULL amount of time scheduled (ex: scheduled 5 hours, used 3.25 hours, charged 5 hours).

(Need Help*)
(No Help)
Baby 30" x 40" 1 2 2.5 1.5 2+
Lap 50" x 65" 1.5 2 3 2 2+
Twin 70" x 90" 2 2.5 3.5 3 2.5+
Full 85" x 108" 2 2.5 4.5 3.5 3+
Queen 90" x 108" 2.5 3.5 5 4 4+
King 110" x 108" 3.5 4 6.5 5.5 4+