Longarm Machine Side Clamps

Longarm Side Clamps

A customer recently asked our opinion on the longarm side clamps we offer.

We carry a few after-market clamps that are alternative options to side clamps that may come with your machine or are offered by your dealer. They all have their pros and cons. Read more about each type by following the links to our website.

  • The Grip-Lite Side Clamps are nice because they are lightweight, and easy to grip open. The Grip-Lite Side Clamps have a wide mouth which grips a larger edge of your backing. We have found that they can lose their grip strength and can break over time with repeated usage.
  • We have made our own 1" Side Clamps that are strong and long-lasting, and since they are only one inch, they are less obtrusive. We actually use two sets on each of our machines, so that each side is pulled a little more evenly and the machine head can navigate more easily too! They are a little heavier than the other option, but the heavy duty velcro we've paired them with keep them in place!

With both the Grip-Lites and our 1" Clamps, you will need the other side of velcro affixed to your machine in order to use them. Please let us know if you have any questions when trying to choose the right clamp for you, your machine, and your quilting style!