Prewound Bobbins Are Catching On!

Have you heard about Prewound Bobbins??? We LOVE using prewound bobbins when quilting, sewing, and embroidering. The convenience of not having to stop to wind bobbins during the middle of a project is so valuable. Prewound bobbins also have much more thread wound on them than a self-wound bobbin. This is because of the high tech machinery used during the winding process allows for a tighter wind and more thread wound onto the bobbin core. Whether you choose to wind your own bobbins or enjoy the convenience of prewound bobbins, using a quality bobbin thread is an important aspect of sewing. We carry the following brands below and shop our selections in the Prewound Bobbin section on our site! Not sure what size bobbin your machine uses? Check out our Bobbin Compatibility chart for help!

MagnaGlide Delights: 40 wt. 3-ply Polyester. Designed for quilting, embroidery, and applique. Our patented magnetic-core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. Magnetic-core prevents backlash or over spin + eliminates the need for backlash springs. Magna-Glide Delights are produced using our top Glide colors, giving you a perfect match on the bottom & top of every piece you stitch. Advanced EB cross-link technology reduces lint & residual build-up in the bobbin case & tension spring. The result is a more trouble-free bobbin. Packed & distributed in clear stackable jars so that you can see the color in your studio.

Signature: 40 wt. 3-ply extra long staple, mercerized cotton. Designed for quilting, sewing, and applique. Signature Prewound Bobbins are produced from the same Signature colors, giving you the perfect match on the top and bottom of every piece. 100% natural cotton, works well at high speeds, exceptional strength, great for adding dimension and texture, extensive range of vibrant colors.