Binding Calculator

Binding Calculator

Not sure how much fabric to get for your bindings? Follow the simple equation below for any width fabric or view the chart below for required yardages for regular width fabrics. Better yet, enter in your numbers in the fields below to let us calculate this for you!

1. Using inches, add the width and length of your finished quilt and double it. Add 12 inches for a buffer. 

2. Divide that number by the width of the desired fabric. (Use inches.)

3. Round that number up to the next whole number. This is how many strips you will need.

4. Times the number of strips by 2.5* inches to know the minimum amount of fabric to have cut from bolt.
     *Use whichever width you prefer. We recommend 2.5" wide strips.


Step 1:

Width of Binding Fabric (inches):
Width of Quilt Top (inches):
Length of Quilt Top (inches):

Minimum strips to make:

Step 2:

Round up # of strips to next whole number:
Width of Binding Strips (inches):

Minimum inches to purchase: