Customer Quilt Drop-Off Form

8th May 2020

Dropping Your Quilt OffThe components of a quilt include: Top + Batting + Backing.  If you do not have Batting and/or Backing, please peruse the selections on our website and notat … read more

How to Square Backing

1st May 2020

Fold the backing fabric in half.Fold it in half again, the other direction. This finds the center of your backing. If there are very noticeably "extra" pieces/lengths, do not include then as part … read more

How To Prepare a Quilt for a Longarm Quilter

1st May 2020

Piecing Tips If you pre-wash one fabric, be sure to pre-wash all fabrics in your quilt, including all top and backing fabric, and remember to account for shrinkage when purchasing. We recommend 6% … read more