Binding Calculator

6th Aug 2019

Binding Calculator Not sure how much fabric to get for your bindings? Follow the simple equation below for any width fabric or view the chart below for required yardages for regular width fab … read more

How to Add to Backing for a Longarm Quilter

23rd Jan 2019

So, you have your quilt top done and you've already cut your backing to the same size of your quilt top. Now, you're ready to bring it to your longarm professional and they ask you to add more fabr … read more

How to Square Backing

21st Jan 2019

Fold the backing fabric in half. Fold it in half again, the other direction. This finds the center of your backing. If there are very noticeably "extra" pieces/lengths, do not includ … read more

How To Prepare a Quilt for a Longarm Quilter

21st Jan 2019

Piecing Tips If you pre-wash one fabric, be sure to pre-wash all fabrics in your quilt, including all top and backing fabric, and remember to account for shrinkage when purchasing. We recommend 6% … read more

Mishia O.

31st Aug 2018

"I would like to share with anyone who's reading this, the wonderful experience I've had at Heartbeat Quilting. I've been coming to the shop for nearly a year, and recommended it to my friends. Debby … read more