Longarm Machine Side Clamps

29th Jul 2019

Longarm Side ClampsYou Ask, We Answer! A customer recently asked our opinion on the longarm side clamps we offer.  We carry a few after-market clamps that are alternative options to side c … read more

Stitch Removal / Pattern Integrity Tracking

23rd Jan 2019

Yes, it happens. On occasion, stitches need to be removed. Use this handy chart to keep track of when and why you remove stitches to see if it's a mistake you may be repeating, a material that does … read more

Gammill Longarm Maintenance Tracking

23rd Jan 2019

Here's a handy guide we created for ourselves to ensure we keep up with all the regular tasks of Gammill longarm maintenance. Performing these routine tasks will ensure your Gammill truly does last … read more