By The Yard

Not sure which batting to choose? Check out our batting tips for comparison charts and more!

When ordering on our website we sell batting by the YARD or HALF YARD.
(EX: If you are wanting to order 2.5 yards, select (2) FULL YARDS and (1) HALF YARD or select (5) HALF YARDS. Please note, we will cut the batting as ONE continuous piece unless otherwise specified in the comments at checkout.)
Unlike other shops, we will be happy to cut to the inch for you! 
Please call OR email to order specific sizes. (EX: 68 in, 92 in, 113 in, etc.)
Our Batting By-The-Yard is on SALE March 1st to the 20th!
Use coupon code: HBBATTING at checkout!
In-Stock ONLY; not good for rolls, boards, or packages.