Other Services

Design Consultations

Maybe you are a quilter yourself, but you're having a hard time deciding what design to quilt, or need help with a thread color. Give us a ring to schedule a consultation for a small fee of $20 for half an hour of one of our expert quilters' time.

If we are finishing the quilt for you, these fees are waived.


Even wide back fabrics occasionally need to be pieced, based on the size of your quilt top. We are happy to piece your backs of any size for a small fee of $10 for the first seam and $5 for each additional seam.

If you need help piecing your quilt tops, there are many online tutorials and local shops offering classes. You may also reach out to your local quilt guild for recommended piecers, if you're not interested in learning yourself.


If you want your quilt top centered on the backing, there may be an additional $10 fee, depending on how your quilt needs to be loaded on to our machine and how you would like it to be centered. We can never guarantee exact centering results, as the materials do migrate during the quilting process, and the backing is out of sight once we've begun quilting. Typically, we discourage against centering because something purposefully offset looks much better then a misfire on centering.


Occasionally, quilts come through that don't lay flat or that have wavy borders, requiring a tuck. We will do our best to hide any tucks to make them appear as seamless as possible. We will make a zig zag basting stitch that can be removed after you blindstitch (or whipstitch) the tuck. We do charge $1 per tuck if three or more were necessary for your quilt.

Until we have our own tutorial, we strongly encourage you to search for tutorials on how to piece flat borders. 


Save yourself some time and let us use our large prep table to trim your quilts fresh off our machines for only $2. Or, contact us to schedule a time to rent out our table. Call (509) 465-0344 for more information.

Our general rule of thumb is to dispose of fabric trimmings less than 2.5" wide and batting trimming less than 12" wide. Please let us know if you would like to have all of your trimmings returned to you, regardless of size.


Need help preparing or attaching your binding? We can help! We offer a variety of options to choose from. 

Not sure how much fabric to get for your binding? Use our binding calculator!

Customer Pieced Binding Requirements:
     - Cut width is 2.5 inches.
     - Total length is equal to the perimeter of the quilt plus 12 inches.*
     - Join strips on a 45 degree angle.
     - Press binding in half, lengthwise.

Customer Provides Fabric for Binding Requirements:
     - Cut width is 2.5 inches.
     - Length is equal to the perimeter of the quilt plus 12".*
     - We will piece the seams on the diagonal and press binding in half, lengthwise.

*Perimeter is equal to the width x2 plus the length x2.

*A bias binding will work best for scalloped edges or projects with curved corners.

*There is a $10 minimum on all binding services.

  Type of Binding Price per linear inch
Customer Pieced Pieced by Heartbeat
Machine sew to front of quilt $0.08 $0.12
Machine sew to front & back of quilt $0.17 $0.21