Pulling up the Bobbin Thread

Starting Stitches

  1. Hold top thread and take one stitch with left black button.
  2. Pull the bobbin thread so the loose end of both threads are on top of your quilt.
  3. Hold onto top and bottom thread and go back to your starting point.
  4. Cut or lay threads out of the way, but not hanging off the quilt. They could get caught.

Stopping Stitches

  1. At the end of a line of stitching, take three or four tie-off stitches.
  2. Once again move the machine head away 6” which will cause the bobbin thread to come up to the top surface in a loop. You should see three strands of thread.
  3. While holding both threads, take three or four single stitches back and forth while moving the machine a tiny bit between each stitch to create locking stitches.
  4. Move machine head away about 6” and hold onto top thread.
  5. Bring machine back to last stitch and take single stitch at your last insertion point
  6. Grab & clip all three strands flush with quilt top, avoiding accidentally clipping quilt top.
  7. This clips bobbin thread so there are no tails.

***Avoid moving the machine without stitching. Dragging bobbin thread between starting and stopping may cause the thread to jam in the machine, cause tension problems, broken threads, and more!

Watch the video below to review your starting and stopping stitches.